Not a Typical Yoga Retreat

We at Raíces Yoga are working very hard on our upcoming yoga and culture retreats in my native country of Puerto Rico.  If you are new to our page, you may wonder what makes our retreat so unique from the hundreds of others around the world.  Well, I believe I should start by sharing how the idea of Raíces came about.

I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and have attended multiple yoga retreats.  I have loved my experiences but felt a lack of connection to the local people and culture of the retreats’ locations. I understand that many who participate in yoga retreats are looking to disconnect from worldly distractions and go inward.  A big part of yoga is to be able to find union not only with our body, mind and spirit but with everything around us. 

As we grow as yoga practitioners, we realize that the lessons we learn on our yoga mats are meant to be applied not only within ourselves but also with our interactions to those around us. When I decided to start curating yoga retreats in the island, I wanted to provide our guests a balanced experienced that included both opportunities to go inward through posture and meditation practice, but also activities to experience the local culture, cuisine, history and art of Puerto Rico. Raíces guests will leave our retreats feeling refreshed physically, mentally and spiritually, but also with a greater understanding that we are all one and the same.

Jendar Marie Morales
Founder and Director
Raíces Yoga & Culture Retreat